Tayler Lynch, singer-songwriter, native of Louisville, Ky. has hit the music scene in a big way... Tayler has performed at many of Nashville’s most iconic venues such as The Stage, Legends Corner, Silver Dollar Saloon, The Blue Bird, The Listening Room, and Puckett’s, just to name a few. His performances are not limited to just Tennessee, Tayler has played venues in, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Texas.

Tayler’s love for entertaining started at an early age, where you may have seen him on television shows, such as My Name is Earl, Grey’s Anatomy, Everybody Hates Chris, to name a few. But, his love of music has become his main focus and his voice and stage presence have created quite a buzz!

At 15 Tayler became acquainted with a couple of country music's best songwriters, who have written hit songs for Lee Roy Parnell, Kenny Chesney, and the king of country George Strait. Tayler began writing with these gentlemen, not only this was the beginning of a great friendship; it was the beginning of Tayler's first album.

By the age of 17 Tayler had released his first full album "Country Ain't Just From The Farm". Tayler said, "It kind of feels like my baby, and I'm so proud of how it turned out. I'm having the time of my life following my dreams and I thank my family for believing in me and supporting me every step of the way!" Steve Wariner influenced Tayler’s life in a big way. After meeting Steve and talking with him, he told Tayler, that he was obviously a talented young man, and to just keep working hard and he would get there. Tayler has taken those words to heart and has devoted countless hours to perfecting his craft.  

At age 19, Tayler released his second album "It Takes A Tailgate" Tayler says, "Being a co-writer on several of the songs on this album was very exciting, it sparked a fire in me to want to write more of my own music" After the release of this album Tayler was given his first bit of recognition, he was given an "Emerging Artist" booth by the CMA organization at the 2013 CMA Fest.

Just a few months shy of his 21st birthday Tayler released a third album "Pieces of Me"  at the 2014 CMA Fest where he was again given an "Emerging Artist" booth and performed during the festival opening the Welcome to Nashville Songwriters Showcase. Tayler's third album is a very personal look inside the artist, and is also the first album where Tayler was the sole writer on most of the songs. 
Tayler‘s most recent accomplishment came in June 2015. He released his 4th studio album Then & Now and was once again an emerging artist at the 2015 CMA Music Festival. Tayler’s new album features his latest Single “New Day” written solely by Tayler. The song sheds some light on the often neglected brighter side of a break up. With lyrics such as “Not a cloud in the sky and the storm in my heart has faded away” it will leave you feeling happy and uplifted and probably humming the catchy melody for the rest of the day.    Tayler is a natural born entertainer and is anxious to see what the future holds for him...Tayler's life is all about the music!
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